Besides training and racing organizations, Safari Motorsport also plans Hakan Dinç’s professional racing career.

Hakan Dinç was born in İstanbul in 1963. He professionally played football between 1977 and 1985. However, he had to quit playing football after an unfortunate injury and stepped into automobile sports. He made his first ameteur race in 1986. Due to his success in Hittite Rally in 1987, he has become the focus of many factory teams.

He has raced for teams such as Renault, Opel, Team Atakan, FIAT Tofaş, Subaru Turkey and Ford Rallye Sport Turkey since 1992 and got titles in different groups and classes.

He attended the world-renowned Jim Russell courses in 1993. One year after, he established Safari Racing Drivers School, which is still the first and the only racing drivers school in Turkey and raised many racing drivers for automobile sports.

Hakan Dinç got the title in Turkey Rally Championship in Group N in years 2002, 2004 and 2006.